1. How do I register on goodluck11?

Registration on goodluck11 is very easy. You can either sign-up directly from the goodluck11.com website or app (available on App Store) or register with one-click login via third-party sites like Google+ and Facebook.

2. I am unable to sign in to my account. Why?

In case you are unable to sign in to and enter your account, please check that you have put in the right credentials, which includes both your email id and password. In case you still cannot log in or may have forgotten your password, click “Forgot Password.” You will receive a reset link to make a new password on your registered email id and/or mobile number. In case, you have forgotten your user name or registered email id, reach out to our customer support at help@goodluck11.com

3. Can I create multiple accounts on goodluck11 using the same email id?

No. You can register only one account on goodluck11 using one email id. We do not allow a single user to create multiple accounts on this platform as it violates and does not fit well with our Fair Play Policy. In case we discover that a single user has created multiple accounts, it will be considered as a form of fraud and we maintain complete authority to suspend any and all accounts of such user(s).

4. How do I edit, modify, or update my account information?

To edit or update your account information, all you have to do is log in to your account via desktop or app and then click the “Edit Profile” tab on the top-right corner of the page. Herein you can edit, modify, or update your first name, last name, profile picture, etc. At any time. You can also edit your email id, contact number, state and date of birth in case your account is yet to be verified. However, you will not be allowed to alter these details once your account is verified and registered.

5. I have entered the correct username/email id and password, but the system is not recognizing the same. How do I log in to my account?

You can sign in to your user account using your registered email id/username and password at any time. However, if you believe you are unable to login even with the right details, then you can reach out to our customer support executives at help@goodluck11.com for help. They will assist you in resolving your problems and/or queries.

6. I did not receive any verification mail after registering on goodluck11. Is my account valid?

It is compulsory to verify your account before you can start using the services on goodluck11. So, make sure to cross-check your “Spam” folder in case you do not receive a verification mail in your inbox. Make sure to mark the mail as “Not Spam” to ensure the delivery of any further emails or updates right in your inbox. There may also be the possibility that you may have entered the wrong email id or misspelt during registration. In case you are sure of your email id and still do not receive a verification mail, you can reach out to our customer care executives for help and support at help@goodluck11.com.


1. How do I withdraw rewards/money from my goodluck11 account?

Rewards/money withdrawal is applicable only for those accounts that have verified goodluck11 wallet. You need to verify your Goodluck11 wallet only once unless you modify the details of your user account. After successful verification, you can withdraw parts or all of the rewards/money according to the minimum or maximum withdrawal limit. The withdrawal request will be processed immediately, and you will receive the amount in your registered bank account or wallet in 3-7 working days.

2. I have a Cash Bonus in my goodluck11 account, but I am unable to withdraw it. Why?

Cash Bonus is given as a complimentary registration amount by goodluck11 to you. This amount is non-withdrawable and can only be used to enter the contests on the site/app and win more rewards. Another important note is that the Cash Bonus has a time limit after which it automatically expires. So, make sure to use it within the given time limit.

3. Is there a limit to the amount I am allowed to withdraw from my Goodluck11 account?

Yes, there is a set limit to the minimum and maximum withdrawable amount. You can withdraw an amount within the limit of INR 200 to INR 1000 in one go as of now. In case this limit is changed, a public display notification will be exhibited on the goodluck11 Home Page.

4. What details do I need to specify to be eligible to withdraw money from my goodluck11 account?

Here at goodluck11, we make it a priority to disburse the rewards/money to the rightful owner. So, we ask you to share the bank account details in which you want to receive the money. The details that you need to specify are as follows:

  • ● Account Holder's Full Name
  • ● Bank Account Number
  • ● Name of the Bank
  • ● Name of the Branch
  • ● IFSC Code
Please note that it is mandatory to verify your bank account details for you to be eligible to withdraw any amount from your goodluck11 account.


1. How are the Rankings on the Leaderboard calculated?

Rankings on the Leaderboard are calculated on the basis of Fantasy Points collected by your team set up for the match(es) during a specified series or the time for which the Leaderboard is active.  
If you set up multiple teams for a multi-entry match, then the Fantasy Points for both the teams will be taken into consideration while calculating the Rankings. .

2. What are the different types of goodluck11 Leaderboards?

There are two broad categories of the Leaderboards on the goodluck11 platform, which are as follows:
1. Series or Tournament Leaderboards
These leaderboards monitor the performance of each player in each series. For instance, suppose there is a 5-match ODI series going on, the fantasy points of individual players of the best team, in each of those five matches, will be calculated. Those individual fantasy points will then be accumulated and displayed on the Leaderboard.
2. Match Leaderboards
These leaderboards monitor the performance of each player in each match. For instance, suppose there is a match taking place today; the fantasy points of individual players from each user team participating in that particular match or contest will be accumulated and displayed on the Leaderboard.

3. Will my team be considered for Leaderboards?

Your team will be considered for Leaderboards only if it is duly registered for a Practice Contest or Cash Contest.

4. How long does it take to declare Leaderboard Winnings?

The Leaderboards Score and Winnings are displayed within 2 to 10 hours of completion of a particular match or series.

Refer & Earn

1. What is "Referral Bonus" on goodluck11?

Referral bonus is the amount you receive when you refer the goodluck11 website or app to a friend. In some cases, your friend to whom you refer goodluck11 may also receive a referral bonus.

2. How much referral bonus can I get on goodluck11?

Currently, goodluck11 offers a cash bonus of INR 100 to both the referer (you) and the referee (the friend or acquaintance to whom you refer goodluck11).

3. Am I eligible to get a referral bonus on goodluck11?

Anyone who registers on goodluck11 is eligible to get a referral bonus. You will get a unique referral code when you register on the site that you can pass on to your friends and acquaintances. You will receive INR 100 Cash Bonus for each new registration that comes through your referral code. *You will also receive INR 100 Cash Bonus if you have registered using a friend's referral code.

Account Balance

You can monitor your total balance and deposit/withdraw money under the "Account Balance" section in your goodluck11 account. Please note that it is mandatory to verify* your account before you can start withdrawing money from your account. *Verification is a one-time process unless you alter the details of your account.

  1. ● Deposits 
    In case you add money to your account balance but do not enter a contest using this amount, then it will be regarded as the "Deposited" amount in your goodluck11 account.
  2. ● Winnings 
    Any money that you earn by winning in a contest on the goodluck11 platform is regarded as your "Winnings". There is no processing fee for withdrawing any amount of your winnings to your bank account.
  3. ● Cash Bonus 
    Cash Bonus is the complimentary money awarded to you by goodluck11 via its various promotional and bonus schemes available at the time when you register or deposit an amount into your account. Please note that the Cash Bonus is non-withdrawable and can only be used to participate in various contests on the goodluck11 platform.